By: Chanel Salazar

If anyone has played a video game they know that our life is just like that. Every decision or strategy we make determines the points we gain, the hearts we will lose to death, or if we are that much closer to winning. But every level we fail in, we restart and try again. That is if we are willing to keep playing the game. We chose the avatar, its clothes, how it walks and talks, and if we want to stop and talk to someone in the game. Exactly how we are in real life. We can picture ourselves outside the game or in their eyes. But we usually choose to see our avatar walking around.

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Cancer Survivor Month

By: Marísa Bock, Founder & CEO


With this month’s cancer awareness, National Cancer Survivor Month, let us take a brief look at what it means to some to be a cancer survivor.  I can only speak for myself and reflect on the thoughts and feelings I have had going through my own cancer survival journey, along with those that were shared with me by friends and clients who have also survived cancer.

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Mental Health & Cancer

By: Chanel Salazar, Director of Blogging

Cancer & Mental HealthWe live in a world where it sometimes feels like we are just bodies full of energy getting by through life’s challenges. This life is tough. It can be lonely, it can be stressful, and it can be confusing, but our brain is the one thing that can keep us going forward or reversing backward. Think about a deadline at work or at school, it seems like juggling many tasks at once can be close to impossible, but somehow you can get through it by telling yourself, “It’s just one more day to get to the next step.”  All these things can cause anxiety and depression and can put a huge strain on your mental health. But what if one day, through all that your life has given you, it makes a complete stop and there’s a chance you might not have that one more day?

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Welcome From Our Founder & CEO, Marísa Bock

Marisa (1).jpgHello, and welcome to our website! It’s a brand new year and a brand new restart to life in 2019. With all the resolutions out there that we try and follow, we realize by about the fourth week into the year, that we have already: eaten that piece of forbidden chocolate, sat in front of the TV instead of going for a power walk with the pooch, made excuses not to keep going to the gym, let our staying organized goals lag, and allowed our social media junkie side to come back – just to name a too-common few. Well, don’t beat yourselves up too much. Life happens!

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