By: Chanel Salazar

If anyone has played a video game they know that our life is just like that. Every decision or strategy we make determines the points we gain, the hearts we will lose to death, or if we are that much closer to winning. But every level we fail in, we restart and try again. That is if we are willing to keep playing the game. We chose the avatar, its clothes, how it walks and talks, and if we want to stop and talk to someone in the game. Exactly how we are in real life. We can picture ourselves outside the game or in their eyes. But we usually choose to see our avatar walking around.

In life, we usually don’t choose to see beyond ourselves, and we are not as determined as we are when playing a game. We do not become so addicted to life that we try to find a way to build a strategy to win the game. We give up. We don’t see the problem for what it is and hit it at different angles. Because with real life, we have too much emotion. With a game, our emotions are strongly about winning, and we are more analytical when playing the game.

We should live to be about winning. Not giving up when a heart is lost. Every mission in life that we accomplish, we level up in life. When we get sick, it’s a strategy thrown at us that we have to figure out how to fight. We shouldn’t let it define us, but think of it as a game. No one knows how much time we have left in this game. I could die tomorrow – instantly. But if we live like we don’t have a clock, we are not letting the clocks of time define us. Enjoying life at its moments.

Anytime you can have the miracle of life, anytime you can find something to give you more time, how much are you willing to fight for that time? Or embrace time, because maybe our walk was just a small moment to give a powerful lesson to change a person’s life so they can complete their mission.

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