Our Organization

Maribo Cares is a group of amazing and caring members.

Board Members:
Marísa Bock, Rob Noblin, Esq, Dorianne Graham, Scott Ozeki, Kelly Francis, MD, Tricia Wood, David Ince (In Memoriam)

Testimonial from Dorianne Graham
I have known Marísa Bock since we were little girls, attending school together and growing up as close friends.  Marísa’s strong desire to help others in need, even as a youth, has been nothing short of admirable.  She has endured more tragedy throughout her life than most people could imagine.  However, it has been evident that no matter what life has thrown at her, she has remained positive, loving, and giving. I have always thought Marisa would be destined for greatness. This became most notable when she turned the devastation and obstacles of her breast cancer journey into a tremendous non-profit organization, Maribo Cares, which helps all cancer fighters and survivors through their recovery.  Marísa exemplifies what it means to give from one’s heart with no expectations of a return.  I could not think of a better human being to turn to when in need. Marísa has continued to look forward and outside of the box to find ways of helping those in need when others have let the needy fall through the cracks.  I highly recommend Maribo Cares to anyone dealing with cancer, as they will experience Marísa’s kindness and care represented in this wonderful organization.

Testimonial from Scott Ozeki

Maribo Cares is a great nonprofit with a great cause.  I met the founder, Marísa Bock, in 2014 because her organization needed graphic design help for its logos.  After speaking with Marísa during our initial meeting, I was deeply touched by her story and the mission of Maribo Cares.  I was and have been more than happy to donate my time and talent to this wonderful organization. I not only provide my creative and graphic design services to Maribo Cares, but I also proudly serve on its Board of Directors.  I would highly recommend this nonprofit to anyone dealing with cancer and in need of services.

Testimonial from Tricia Wood 

Maribo Cares is a non profit organization helping people with needs that are not met during cancer. Marísa is a sweet genuine person. Helping others is something Marísa has always done. Maribo Cares is compassionate and strives to meet your needs.

Testimonial from David Ince (Rest in Peace)

I have known Marísa Bock since before her cancer diagnosis in 2013.  In 2012, I was invited by a mutual friend to one of Marísa’s fundraisers for the American Diabetes Association and found myself impressed by her caring heart.  What Marísa went through during her cancer experience and her desire to help everyone who is going through cancer recovery has deeply touched my heart.  Her dedication to founding a nonprofit to help other cancer fighters with their recovery is a very noble thing.  Knowing Marísa and her story, seeing the vision and mission of Maribo Cares, and realizing what she is doing for others made me decide to be a part of this amazing organization.

I was recently elected to be a member of the Maribo Cares Board of Directors and I am very honored to serve.  I am proud to do my part and support Maribo Cares, its events, and promote the organization in any way I can. I believe in Maribo Cares and feel it has a great deal of potential.  My vision is to see it explode and go nationwide, to see more services added, and to help it receive tremendous funding.  More people need to know about Maribo Cares – the caring group of people involved in it, the great services it provides, and the remarkable support it gives cancer fighters.  Hopefully, by people learning about the great vision and work that is being done by Maribo Cares, they will make a donation to it and facilitate its growth. My hope is that my involvement and dedication to Maribo Cares makes a positive impact on it because I feel very good about how it helps cancer fighters through recovery.  If you can help a person, even just one day, to take the stress and worry away from them, then you’re making a big difference in their lives.  I highly recommend Maribo Cares to anyone going thru cancer recovery.

Why A Hummingbird?

We chose a hummingbird as our logo for the sentimental reasons of our founder, Marísa Bock, and, for the amazing symbolism this beautiful creature represents. The hummingbird has a long history with Marisa and her family.  Growing up, Marísa watched her father feed and care for all the hummingbirds that would congregate in their back yard and around their home.  His gentleness had a remarkable way of drawing these birds to him. They became very used to him being around them and would fly up to his kitchen window to let him know their feeder was out of nectar.  When Mr. Bock would go outside either to fill the feeders or just sit and enjoy nature, the hummingbirds would swarm around him, darting in and out of nearby trees as if to dance and entertain him. He found tremendous joy watching his little visitors and made sure they were well taken care of.

Throughout Marísa’s life, she has frequently been visited by hummingbirds, even though she does not have a feeder; this has been most apparent during very difficult times.  To her, these birds are a very sentimental part of her life’s journey.  Although her father passed away many years ago, his spirit seems to be felt whenever the birds make their appearances, as they are very obvious with their visits and make sure they are seen and paid attention to!

These magnificent birds come in a variety of colors, some so iridescent, they don’t appear real. Our name and our hummingbird tail is a combination of colors; lavender representing all cancers, teal for all female cancers, and pink for our founder’s battle with breast cancer. There are several colors which represent the many cancers, and Maribo Cares uses these colors to illustrate in the feathers of our hummingbird logo how we help all cancer fighters.

At Maribo Cares, hummingbirds symbolize Hope, Joy, and Love for all people going through cancer. 

Hope:  Look for the light at the end of the tunnel – keep going and stay with a positive mindset.

Joy:  Find joy in the little things, even the small accomplishments made during recovery.

Love:  Inclusive of ALL cancers and loving everyone in the cancer spectrum – fighters, survivors, and lost loved ones.


Maribo Cares is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which lovingly supports cancer fighters and survivors, their families and pets by means of providing direct assistance, services, programs, and referrals. We offer continuity of assistance where the help from other organizations ends or is not available.

Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 46-4821841