“When life threw me a curve ball, you were there with kind gifts and compassion. I will never forget your thoughtfulness. I love the amazing Thrive goodies. Brow & Lash help is perfect since I lost mine. Lol! But now I’m feeling quite beautified!

Best of all tho, was meeting you, Marisa. You are very warm and nice to talk with! I hope next visit we can plan to have tea! Thank you!”

~ Sandy

“Thank you for talking with me today, your voice is so calming and you are very kind. I was stressed about my poor health from my chemo treatments, but talking with you calmed me down and made me feel better. I really appreciate you spending time on the phone with me. I’m so glad I found Maribo Cares!”

~ Ms. King

“I appreciate all my beautiful cards! You all lifted my spirits. It’s been a long journey going through stage four cancer, but caring people like you all we need in our lives. Thank you so much. Thank you to Chanel, Noah, and everyone else. I am starting a scrapbook with all my cards.”

~ Nellie

“When I was diagnosed, I was really scared. I found Maribo Cares and now I have someone that really cares about me to talk to. I love the sweet cards they always send me. I don’t always feel lonely now because of the phone calls and cards I regularly get from them. It’s wonderful! Thank you Marisa for your amazing organization and kind heart!

 Thank you!

~ Lisa

“Marisa is a very special person. In talking to her on the phone, I heard the voice of a beautiful lady with a heart of gold, and I really looked forward to meeting her. I really appreciated her professional, kind, and outgoing nature in helping people.

Because of my stage of cancer, it does not allow me to work like before, and I really need help.

It has been a privilege and pleasure meeting and angel like Marisa. God bless her for all the good she does. I pray Our Lord will bless her life with good health, and a life filled with happiness and prosperity, and make all her wishes come true!”

~ Satik L.

“Thank you for the care and support you always give me!  It really makes a difference.”

~ Patricia M.

“Thank you so much! I am super happy; no one has ever cleaned my house for me. This is the best present I’ve ever had! God bless you!”

~ Yolanda R.

“Thank you for my beautiful flowers! I’m in a lot of pain from surgery, but your flowers make me very happy and your volunteer is so sweet! You are very nice to think of me.”

~ Lidia S.

“Thank you for my cards! I cherish each one and they definitely lift my spirits!”

~ Lisa P.

“Thank you! The flowers my sister received from you were beautiful and a wonderful surprise!”

~ Tricia S.

“Maribo Cares organization is wonderful. Marisa is always a phone call away, and always calls to check in to give us support. We really appreciate everything she’s done for us, and she will always be in our hearts for the beautiful person she is. Thank you for all you do. May God bless you!”

~ Sophia & Ernie

“Maribo Cares is awesome! They sure have come through when I needed it the most! Marisa is such a wonderful and selfless person.”

~ Michelle

“I wish to thank Marisa and Maribo Cares and her team of house cleaners. They were so kind and competent and I can not thank you enough for helping me get and keep my little house tidy, clean, and properly sanitized. I had to do a lot of work getting themes in order before they came though they really polished it up. Every inch was a wonder like a dream. And the sweetest, shyest girls, darlings every one. Many gratitudes.”

~ Patricia S.

“My oncologist put me in touch with Maribo Cares. They helped me in so many ways, I cannot begin to list them. Marisa talked with me and listened to me, and she understood what I was going through. She answered questions I did not have answers for.

I give them a big thumbs up, and a 10 on a scale of 1-10! I highly recommend them.”

~ Robin W.

“We want to say thank you very much for all the donations that we received. We want to say from our hearts thank you very much for helping us in our times of need, and may God bless each and every one of you for helping us this holiday season.”

~ Thomas

“I cannot thank Marisa enough! We I first spoke with her during my interview, I mentioned I didn’t have a bed anymore to sleep on and was sleeping on a broken couch. She arranged for me to receive a brand new custom made mattress with a bed frame and had it delivered! She also has a beautiful couch delivered.

I can’t thank her enough for her amazing generous heart! Maribo Cares is such a loving organization.

Thank you from my heart.”

~ Linda

“I really like your program. I received more help from you than I ever received from all the other programs that support to help cancer patients and survivors. Thank you.”

~ C Montez

“Thank you so much for the beautiful tree, and I will plant it in the backyard. It was perfect and it brings me happiness every day. The cards are wonderful and thoughtful. You must know me cause I always write notes so that was perfect.

Thank you again to you and your elves.”

~ Linda S.

“I deeply appreciate all the kindness Maribo Cares continues to show me. I loved the cards that were beautifully made by the children and I get happy tears every time I read through the words and sentiments inside. I thought Christmas was going to be really tough and wasn’t expecting it to be any different, but receiving everything from you made it magical. The makeup was perfect and makes me feel beautiful, and now I have a beautiful tree as that reminders me of your amazing kindness.

Now, whenever I feel down, I get the box that I keep all your cards in, sit in my chair and re-read them to lift my spirits. They make me cry happy tears and give me strength knowing that all of you are thinking of me.

I also I look at my beautiful tree that you gave me and it is a reminder that you are thinking of me.  Thank you so much for everything you do!”

~ Bertha W.

“Wow, the holiday cards are so touching! I cannot thank you enough for lifting my spirits this holiday season. The tree and cosmetics brought sparkle and cheer to my day and the holiday. I can’t wait to watch it grow!”

~ Marcella S.

“Maribo Cares you made my holidays special when I thought they wouldn’t be.  The tree was such a wonderful surprise and I thought I wouldn’t have one.  I fill with tears of joy just looking at it. Thank you so much, you guys are amazing!”

~ Michelle

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Christmas special for me and my family with all the wonderful gifts! Our kids were so excited on Christmas day.”

~ Ernie V.

“Thank you Maribo Cares, the little tree was an unexpected surprise and gave me a tree I thought I wouldn’t be able to have this Christmas.”

~ Carolina

“When your elves delivered my little tree and cards I was filled with joy! Thank you Maribo Cares for everything you do. Bless you and your elves!”

~ Sophia H.

“What a beautiful surprise to receive the little Christmas tree from you.  We weren’t going to be able to have a tree this Christmas, but you made everything better! Thanks!”

~ Lydia

“Receiving your Christmas tree and cards made my holidays. Thank you for your kindness!”

~ Tami B.

“My uncle recently passed away. He had been sick for a very long time and no matter how hard we tried, the obstacles he faced seemed to always feel insurmountable. The system was failing him, then Maribo Cares came in.

From the moment Marisa offered their help, my uncle had a place to stay, regular check-ins, and so much support. He felt like someone cared. We felt seen and heard, which is so vital to fighting this illness and not wanting to give up. My uncle Steve ended up requiring hospice care and passed away a few weeks later, but I truly believe that he wouldn’t have had the level of love and care that he received if not for Marisa.

Maribo Cares is genuine and kind and I highly recommend this organization to anyone who is in need of the kind of help they provide. Thank you!”

~ Sarah W.

“This testimonial is long overdue! I have had the absolute pleasure of not only meeting Marisa, the founder of Maribo Cares, but of being blessed to have had the most amazing services from her organization.

When I was feeling really crappy, Marisa offered me a wonderful hair color, haircut and style, complements of Maribo Cares to make me feel beautiful!

She has provided me special holiday help for my two boys and me when I didn’t think it was possible.  She makes my day simply when she just calls to see how I am doing! She makes me smile!

I am so blessed and grateful for her unwavering and tireless efforts to help some of us who have cancer!
Love you Marisa!”

~ Michelle

“Maribo Cares is an amazing organization and I am blessed to have been the recipient of their Godly gifts!”

~ Ms. A.

Maribo CARES is an understatement!!!
I received a phone call the other day from none other than the Founder of Maribo Cares. All she did was check on me and see how I was doing, but it made me feel as if I was touched by an angel .  If you need anything – just to talk, to hear a soothing voice, etc., reach out to Maribo Cares.

Also if you shop at Ralph’s or Amazon, they will donate for you for free; all you need is to set your Ralph’s Rewards and Amazon accounts to Maribo Cares. At no cost to you, these companies donate a portion of their profits to Maribo Cares to keep them up and running during this pandemic and beyond.”

~ Michelle B

“I give Maribo Cares 5 STARS!  The fact that they will help with pet placement means a lot. My husband is lucky, even though we are separated, I will take the dogs and care for them. I can’t imagine them being put in a shelter while he has treatment. This is a great service and emotional help.”

~ Angie Y.

Our mother was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer in September 2014. After she had undergone major surgery and was released to go home, my family was in need of extra help to care for her. My husband, sister and I had work and take care of other family duties that did not allow us to be home with our mother during a good part of the day.

Marisa Bock had volunteered to help out with my mother’s care during this very emotional and challenging time.  We had known Marisa for several years and knew she was someone we could trust.  She came to our home with a loving heart to help with our mother’s tube feeding, which was required every 3-4 hours daily. Marisa was kind and caring and made our mom feel safe and even found ways to make her laugh.

Marisa helped us at a time that was stressful for our entire family. She gave us peace of mind knowing that she would attend to all of our mother’s needs while were at work.  Marisa treated our mother like family and we are so thankful for her servant’s heart and caring nature.”

~ Don and Maria R.

“Marisa Bock has been a close friend and more like a sister to me since 2000. When I learned about her breast cancer in 2013, I was devastated. However, I was so proud that she fought a hard battle and today she has been a strong survivor. I count my blessings for knowing Marisa.

In 2014, my mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Marisa was there for my mom, as she helped care for her when my family and I could not. My family and I worked, and I had to also tend to my family, most especially my son, who was about 9 years old at the time. Marisa did my mom’s feedings, since my mom had to use a feeding tube to eat for months after she had her invasive, major surgery that left her with the removal of her trachea and part of her vocal chords due to the massive cancer that spread to her neck, back and lungs. By the grace of God her life was spared and our family was blessed by our caring friend, Marisa, who lovingly took care of my mom with such kindness and compassion.

Today, Marisa has reached out to a few of my best friends who are battling cancer. She has offered her services through her nonprofit organization, Maribo Cares. My heart is touched by her constant willingness to help others and how Maribo Cares is a beautiful way to bless and help others who have no resources to help them cope with cancer and recovery.

Thank you Marisa, for your servant’s heart!”

~ Rita W.

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