Our mother, Lucena, was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer in September 2014.  After she had undergone major surgery and was released to go home, my family was in need of extra help to care for her.  My husband, sister and I had work and take care of other family duties that did not allow us to be home with our mother during a good part of the day. Marisa Bock had volunteered to help out with my mother’s care during this very emotional and challenging time.  We had known Marisa for several years and knew she was someone we could trust.  She came to our home with a loving heart to help with our mother’s tube feeding, which was required every 3-4 hours daily.  Marisa was kind and caring and made our mom feel safe and even found ways to make her laugh.  Marisa helped us at a time that was stressful for our entire family. She gave us peace of mind knowing that she would attend to all of our mother’s needs while were at work.  Marisa treated our mother like family and we are so thankful for her servant’s heart and caring nature.

Don and Maria Rutti
Orange County, California

Marisa Bock has been a close friend and more like a sister to me since 2000. When I learned about her breast cancer in 2013, I was devastated. However, I was so proud that she fought a hard battle and today she has been a strong survivor.
I count my blessings for knowing Marisa. In 2014, my mom, Lucena Rafanan, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Marisa was there for my mom, as she helped care for her when my family and I could not. My family and I worked, and I had to also tend to my family, most especially my son, who was about 9 years old at the time. Marisa did my mom’s feedings, since my mom had to use a feeding tube to eat for months after she had her invasive, major surgery that left her with the removal of her trachea and part of her vocal chords due to the massive cancer that
spread to her neck, back and lungs. By the grace of God her life was spared and our family was blessed by our caring friend Marisa, who lovingly took care of my mom, with such kindness and compassion. Today, Marisa has reached out to a few of my best friends who are battling cancer. She has
offered her services through her non-profit organization, Maribo Cares. My heart is touched by her constant willingness to help others and how Maribo Cares is a beautiful way to bless and help others who have no resources to help them cope with cancer and recovery. Thank you Marisa, for your servant’s heart!

Rita Webber
Lake Forest, California

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