Marisa (1).jpgHello, and welcome to our website! It’s a brand new year and a brand new restart to life in 2019. With all the resolutions out there that we try and follow, we realize by about the fourth week into the year, that we have already: eaten that piece of forbidden chocolate, sat in front of the TV instead of going for a power walk with the pooch, made excuses not to keep going to the gym, let our staying organized goals lag, and allowed our social media junkie side to come back – just to name a too-common few. Well, don’t beat yourselves up too much. Life happens!

Now you are back on social media and you have come across our brand new website. You sit, curiously looking through our pages and stumble across our blog. See, this is why I say to not beat yourself up too much – this could be fun for you! There will be entries here from our main blogger, but look out for my random cameo posts. (I have writing in my blood! Ha!)

If you don’t already know my backstory (oops, you didn’t read the Founder Page yet), here’s the nutshell-ish version:

I was diagnosed with beginning-stage breast cancer in January 2013. It moved very quickly, and by the skill of my awesome surgeon, two months later, I had a complete double mastectomy and my life was saved. Because of the fact that everything regarding my cancer journey happened so incredibly quick, I had no time to research and lock in any services that would assist me through recovery and beyond. Finding the lack of sufficient avenues of support very frustrating, along with hearing from friends going through their cancer journeys and dealing with their own frustrations due to the lack of services, I decided to make it my mission in life to change the game and make services more accessible to people going through the cancer recovery journey.

Let’s face it, cancer eats up the body, no question. However, what most people don’t know is that it also eats up a wallet! I feel that if people cannot afford to pay for needed services to make their recovery more bearable, then we need to step in and make sure they are taken care of. If we can provide a service that brings peace of mind, a smile to their face, or just makes them more comfortable while they recover – even for one day, then we have done a great thing.

So please, look around our website pages, see all the services we provide, see the awesome businesses we have partnered with to provide those services, read some sweet testimonials, and just get to know us. We love being a part of a great cause that makes a huge, positive impact on the lives of cancer heroes. We are a charming group! (You’ll get the pun when you look through our pages!)

Remember, resolutions are a hopeful guide to a new you. Use gentle reminders to keep on track, don’t beat yourself up when you slack off a bit, and give yourself props when you stay on track. Life is meant to be enjoyed – savor every moment! Our Maribo Cares resolution is to reach more cancer heroes in need and give them a positive and supportive experience with our services. Doing good for others feels AWESOME!

Thank you for stopping by, make sure to check on us regularly, and be sure to bookmark our page. We love being loved and we love sharing with everyone what’s new and happening!

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