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Under the Maribo Cares spectrum of support is the very special and unique Maribo Cares About Pets.  We partner with local pet care providers who believe as we do, that pets are important members of the family and deserve special attention, just as their owners do.  As such, we are a liaison between these providers and our clients to facilitate the pet care connection.

Read Ginger’s Story and How She Inspired Us!

Marísa’s friend, Tricia, was battling breast cancer while caring for her cancer-stricken dog, Ginger.  Unfortunately, Tricia could not have Ginger with her where she was in recovery from her cancer surgery.  She left Ginger with someone she entrusted to provide her with the necessary care and needed medications, but unfortunately, the person neglected Ginger instead.  Marísa and Tricia searched for another place for Ginger, but nothing was available. The lack of proper care caused undue stress on Ginger, which led to her rapid decline in health and subsequent passing.

Although it was too late for Ginger, her legacy will live on through the services provided by our Maribo Cares About Pets department.

We understand your pets are important members of your family and need to be taken care of while you recover.  It is our goal to give you peace of mind that your pets are getting some TLC.

If you or someone you know is in need of services, please contact us.

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