Our Charm

huming_2Why a Charm?  huming_2

          A group of hummingbirds is called a charm and they are always looking for the sweetest nectar. We at Maribo Cares call our team of volunteers a “Charm” which embodies the ideals of Maribo Cares  – Always look for the sweetest ways to share Hope, Joy, & Love to our cancer heroes and their families through our services and presence in their lives.


I had the pleasure of meeting Marisa Bock, founder of Maribo Cares, when deciding I wanted to volunteer my writing services to a worthy non-profit charitable organization. Marisa is a warm, caring individual who truly wants to make a difference in the lives of those dealing with cancer.  She personally takes the time to listen and provide the services and support needed for her clients. Having battled with cancer’s physical and financial burdens herself, Marisa understands how difficult and costly this ordeal can be and will do everything possible to make recovery easier for cancer fighters.

Rest assured you will feel comfortable knowing that Marisa is there for you when you need her most. If you, your loved ones, or friends are dealing with cancer and require additional assistance, I would highly recommend Marisa Bock and her team at Maribo Cares.

Deborah Roman

I have been working with Maribo Cares since October 2018 and I believe in what it offers. Many patients are dealing with the cost of chemotherapy or radiation and it is important to have the support that Maribo Cares offers. I offer social media consulting to Maribo Cares to bring an online presence and create awareness. I knew I wanted to get involved because I have had family members and friends with cancer and I also knit hats for cancer patients. I hope that Maribo Cares is present in all hospitals and more businesses partner with such a great cause.

Lindsay Galloway